Why Roseville, California Is A Great Place to Live

Roseville, California is a great place to live as long as you can afford its lifestyle. For instance, if you are looking for good housing and a livable environment for you and your family, Roseville real estate is amazing. Roseville is the largest city in the Placer-County of California, United states. The city of Roseville was ranked 10th among the best places for families in the USA based on several factors such as employment growth, access to social amenities, crime rates, health care, housing affordability and education attainment among others. If you are planning to move soon, the following are key reasons why Roseville, California is a great place to consider.

  1. Roseville hot summers

    California Summers

    Roseville has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate; hot, dry summers and cool wet winters. Here you enjoy all weather conditions, but no cases of snow, unless in rare occasions. This means you can enjoy hot temperatures and low temperatures in different seasons of the year without having to travel to other areas.


  2. Growing Economy

    Roseville’s real estate growth in the past few years has caused the economy to grow as well. There are various businesses in Roseville, including some of the largest retail centers in the region and auto malls. Roseville is actually a shopping destination hosting some of the largest shopping malls in Northern California. Subsequently, the city of Roseville collects enough taxes to maintain the good infrastructure in the city. Roseville has adequate housing and shopping opportunities to cater for the needs of different residents.

  3. Availability of educational institutions

    There are various educational institutions in Roseville where you can get a quality education. Some of the popular learning institutions in Roseville include Roseville Gateway, Roseville-City School District, Dry Creek Joint-Elementary School District and St. Albans Country Day School. Brandman University has an extension campus in Roseville that offers evening and weekend classes for working students. Other institutions of higher learning near Roseville include Sacramental State University and William Jessup University.

  4. Media and Sources of news

    Several media houses and newspapers operate in the region. Some of the newspapers that you can enjoy reading in Roseville include The Roseville Press- Tribune (weekly newspaper), Rocklin and Roseville-Today (online news source), The Sacramento Bee and Eye-of-the-Tiger among others.

  5.  Good transport network

    Roseville has a good network of roads with two main highways, Interstate 80 and State-Route 65, passing through the city. There is a national passenger rail system, Amtrak, which operate within the city, making public transport easy and affordable. There is a public Roseville Transit, which operates over 10 routes in the region. Other notable transit systems in Roseville include the Roseville-Transit Dial-A-Ride (DAR) and Roseville-Transit Commuter service. Generally, transportation is not a problem in Roseville.

  6.  Good infrastructure

    Roseville city has a great infrastructure, which is one of the reasons why the real estate sector is rapidly appreciating in the region. Roseville has a good supply of clean water, electricity, internet connection, cable, and telephone services. Drainage and sewer lines in Roseville are in good condition, and as well as garbage collection services. Health care services in Roseville are good. Some of the notable health centers in the region include Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Roseville. There are other smaller clinics located in Roseville and its neighborhoods where residents can get health care services.

  7.  Low crime rates and good security

    The majority of the people living in Roseville are working class with a steady source of income. There are very few idlers and jobless people in the region, hence crime rate is very low. The cost of living is the area is relatively high and only those with good finances are able to sustain a comfortable life there. Roseville is not highly populated and there are adequate social amenities and good housing for everyone. Moreover, security measures are excellent to protect the residents of Roseville and their properties.

    Roseville has good security

    While you may be wondering exactly how this ties into real estate investing, you have to remember that the best places to invest in are areas where people are going to want to live. When there is high demand for a particular area, it’s much easier to rent out your investment property. I’d advise you to consult with a property manager to find out the average vacancy rates for Roseville before making your investment in this city.