About Me

My name is Nate Kapitanska and I was born in Oakland, California. Growing up I traveled a lot because I came from a military family. I lived in 15 different cities from the age of 4 to 16 and somehow managed to make some friends along the way. My first year of university I was fortunate to become friends with the son of a real estate investor. I noticed how my friend was always able to afford everything he wanted and had multiple vacation homes in different cities around the States. I was fortunate enough to meet his father, who eventually took me under his wing and introduced me to the world of real estate investing. Since then I’ve managed to build up a size able real estate portfolio and acquired a wealth of knowledge along the way. I decided to start up this blog to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve acquired to other people looking to dip their feet in real estate investing. Hopefully I can help change a few readers’ lives similar to the way my friend’s ¬†father changed mine.


Nate Kapitanska